Wasp and Hornet Prevention

Residential Pest Control Services in Southern NH and Northern MA

Wasp Prevention & Hornet Control

Whether you have yellow jackets, paper wasps, bald face hornets, or any other dangerous flying pests, Cornerstone Pest Control can help keep you and your family safe! Our wasp prevention and hornet control services offer quick remediation and (where accessible) removal of the hive/nest.

Don’t let these dangerous flying pests take over your outdoor living space. Call us at Cornerstone Pest Control today to make a plan for eliminating your hornet and wasp problem and start enjoying the nice weather again!

Cicada Killer Wasps

 Cicada Killer Wasps are a very common pest that, while not usually known for being aggressive, can none the less be VERY unnerving when encountered on your property. If these giants are bugging you, call us and we can make them go away and recommend other steps for a long term resolution.

Honey Bees

If we come across active honey bee hives we try to work with a local beekeeper to have the bees relocated whenever possible.

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5.0 ★★★★★ Cornerstone Pest Control LCC


Glenn was great he showed up on time, was very informative, and solved the rodent problem.

– Paul Lanouette


We had a pestering rodent infestation for the past month, and our attempts to bait them were an utter failure.

– Dipu Deshmukh


Sydney in the office was an absolute pleasure and was able to get someone out to our ground wasp problem the same day.

– Tom Jones


Cornerstone was by far the most pleasant and speediest response I received – and since the wasps were coming into our bedroom, speed was of the essence!

– Karen Graves


Cornerstone is the most responsive and thorough company I have ever seen. I would highly recommend them!

– Margaret Bishop


Our technician Glenn is always polite, personable and extremely thorough with his applications. We are very pleased with the service we receive from Cornerstone!

– Douglas Taylor


“Great Company will continue
to use !”

– Brad Davis


“Always professional and leaves
us highly satisfied”

– Louisa Howell